Archieve News 2009 

11/9/09 Iftar@Saiful's house

16/08/09 Farewell Dr Nazlena

Farewell Party hosted by Dr. Nazlena and family at Rathmines was celebrated with all MyPSI members. Congratulation and Good Luck to Dr. Naz!

26/7/09 Visit From UPM Lecturers


MyPSI members entertain few Professors from UPM Serdang who came to Ireland for a conference. The visit hosted by Bro Izwan and wife, attended by few MyPSI members from Dublin and Limerick. 

19/7/09 Evening Talk With Ir. Dr. Saiful Amri

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On 19'th July 09, this program has successfully held from 3.00pm until 6.30pm. This program is mainly about experiences sharing with the speaker. It starts with the participants shared their project background to others. Then, the speaker gave his ideas and thought on the attitude of a good postgraduate student, how to publish journals and writing thesis. Thank you so much for those who participate in this programs especially to the speaker. May this kind of program will be one of the main event for the society.

16/7/09 Farewell Dinner for Sis Shima, DCU

On July 16'th, a farewell dinner hosted by Adi and Aida for Sis Shima who will be going back to Malaysia on July 19'th. Only a few members of MyPSI invited to join this dinner.

Wish her best of luck from MyPSI!!!

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30/6/09 Sayonara Dr Bakri

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30'th Jun 09- One of the MyPSI member, Dr. Bakri has been succesfully finished his PhD study. He has returned back to Malaysia and will be working with UTM Skudai. Goodbye and goodluck to Dr. Bakri from MyPSI. 


31/5/09 MyPSI Family Day Gallery

A few pictures during MyPSI Family Day held last 31st May are available now. The web administrator would appreciate if you can share more pictures to be uploaded into the MyPSI website.

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MyPSI AGM 2009 Gallery

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