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This section displays the experienced by MyPSI member during their trip/holiday/conference to various countries in europe. Share your experinces to others, may it will be helpful and encouraging. You may want to share your thoughts where/not to go for trip/holiday/conference.

We are now collecting experience/idea from you to be published here. Send an email to the administrator to share your experience. 

Share your experience to others

If you want to share your trip experience to any Europe country, just sent an email to te webmaster at . The questions given below can help you to prepare your tripadvisor. Many thanks.

Place? :

Q1: Do you like your vacation there?
Q2: Do you recommend other people to visit there in future?
Q3: How long was your trip?
Q4: Which flight did you used?
Q5: When did you go there? What would you recommend the perfect time to visit?
Q6: Where did you stay there? Are you recommending others to stay there as well? How much is the cost to stay there
Q7: Any halal restaurant/groceries nearby?
Q8: Interesting places you visited there? You can also state other places that you admire but you dont have enough time to go there. You can also state the chronology of you trip.
Q9: Any advice on the transportation there? Rambler ticket etc.
Q10: Any other recommendation/ issue to share?


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