Basic Information about Ireland

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Here in Ireland, not so many people own a vehicle. Most of them walk and use the public transport everyday.

Here are some good links to help you to use the public transport

- Dublin Bus




Feel free to surt to search for an accomodation


Here are some good place to go for shopping. Some of them are:



- Dunnes Stores

- Penneys

- Many Halal shops to buy chicken, fish and lamb.

You can find the details by typing the keyword in Google

Place To Go In Ireland?

Before you travel other Europe countries, you have to visit some interesting places in Ireland too. There are some good places/tours to go such as:-

- Wicklow Tour (hills)

- City Centre

- Galway

- Bray (seaside)

- Blanchardstown (shopping complexes)

- Belfast (in Northern Ireland)

and many more. Each of them need at least a day.

Visa @ Garda?

In order to go Ireland for study @ as a spouse, you don't have to make visa from Malaysia. As a student, there are a list of documents needed depending on the university. But as a spousem there are document that are needed to be qualified to stay in Ireland. Some of them are:

- Passport

- Financial Guarantee for each person. (approx eu6000/year)

- Support document with university in Ireland letterhead to prove as a spouse or family of the student.

- Eu150 per year or less for each.

- Medical insurance cover for each


Flight Route to Ireland?

There are a few option to choose the fligth route to go to Ireland. For information, no direct flight to Ireland provide by Malaysian Airlines. So you have to have at least 2 different flights, or transits. Here are some list of route that you can choose:-

1. Kuala Lumpur(MAS)-Amsterdam(HOL), Amsterdam(HOL)-Dublin(EIRE)

2. Kuala Lumpur(MAS)-London(UK), London(HOL)-Dublin(EIRE)

3. Kuala Lumpur(MAS)-Frankfurt(GER), Frankfurt(GER)-Dublin(EIRE)

4. Kuala Lumpur(MAS)-Paris(FRA), Paris(FRA)-Dublin(EIRE)

Estimated duration time to arrive in Ireland is approximately 18 hours or more.


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