Munich & Freising

By: Raihana

Q1: Do you like your vacation there?
Freising: Yes and No. Yes because it was snowing heavily on that time. No because there was actually nothing to visit apart from a small town located 30 minutes by train from Munich city with a huge two towers church in the middle of it. You can't really expect anything there, not even a souvenir shop. The people are all nice but hel-lo it's germany, of course they don't speak english.

Munich: We had a brief sightseeing around the city on the day time and spent most at the shopping outlets. All the attractions are in walking distance but we didn't have a chance to visit the historical sites, *mostly I guess are museums which I found less tempting than shopping mall :p* The place which I like the most and would love to go again is viktualienmarkt, a market at which you can find almost everything, you-name-it. They even sold durian, manggis and rambutan! We were so proud and amazed to see the tropical fruits on the shelf. Should've brought a huge luggage though to stuff them all. Souvenirs are really expensive here.

Q2: Do you recommend other people to visit there in future?

Freising: You can invest the money to anywhere but NOT this town. We were there for a conference. That's acceptable! :p

Munich: Yes but don't spend too long visiting this city. Nothing much to enjoy. You'll get bored easily on the second day of visit.

Q3: How long was your trip?
Freising: 4 days, 3 nights. It was Ika who had the conference. I was in the hotel room 22 hours a day. I called it a retreat visit for a mad scientist.

Munich: Less than 24 hours. We caught a train to Salzburg thereafter.

Q4: Which flight did you used?
We took the-cheapest-flight-ever, Ryan Air. Of course we spent more on transportation coz the airport was located nowhere on the outskirts of Munich. There was a bus chartered by the airport to Munich city but it wasn't free. After 1 1/2 hours traveling by bus, we then took train to Freising town.

Q5: When did you go there? What would you recommend the perfect time to visit?
March this year (2010). I would suggest in winter, coz it's snowing! haha

Q6: Where did you stay there? Are you recommending others to stay there as well? How much is the cost to stay there
Freising:Since we went there for a conference so all the expenses were actually covered by the college. We stayed at Corbin Hotel. I personally don't recommend you to stay here. It wasn't about the service, they were just fine. It was because they monitored their customers very closely that they knew who's staying at what room. We were caught living in single bedroom and Ika had to pay extra because the room was meant only for 1 pax. 64 euros gone just in split of second. sigh. But they didn't notice Ika was smuggling breakfast everyday to make sure I wasn't died starving.

Munich: We spent the whole night in the train. :p

Q7: Any halal restaurant/grocerie s nearby?
Freising:Yes, there was a kebab house in the town. 2 minutes walking from Corbin Hotel.

Munich: Handfuls of kebab house around the city. There was one located opposite the train station from the west entrance.

Q8: Interesting places you visited there? You can also state other places that you admire but you dont have enough time to go there. You can also state the chronology of you trip.
Freising: We went up to the hill to Domberg. It was just a church with 2 towers. the view from the top was amazing although we couldn't really see anything in the night. Well we were just assumed. heh.

Munich: Shopping. Shopping. Shopping :p

Q9: Any advice on the transportation there? Rambler ticket etc.
Refer to Q4

Q10: Any other recommendation/ issue to share?
Think I've mentioned lots above :P

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