Gothenburg (Sweden)

written by: Sue


Dub>Ams(transit flight)>Gothenburg>Ams(transit again)>Dub

*Places visited*
Chalmers Uni>Dickson Palace (reception party)>The Poseidon Statue>Avenyn>Fish Church>Haga>Skansen Kronan (dinner party)

Stockhom (Sweden) & Oslo (Norway)

Place : Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo, Norway
By: Saidah (Rai, Ika, Amal and Kak Tuty also in the group)

Q1: Do you like your vacation there?

Q2: Do you recommend other people to visit there in future?'s so lovely and nice place to visit

Q3: How long was your trip?
5 days 4 nights

Q4: Which flight did you used?
Ryan air (Dublin- Stockholm Skavsta), (Oslo Trop-Dublin)

Q5: When did you went there? What would you recommend the perfect time to visit?
12-16 nov...actually, want to experience snowing time in scandinavian. unfortunately, we missed it.

Summer till early autumn should be nice for nature lovers. most of tourist attraction will open in that time especially boat tour or have trip outside of OSLO (Probably it start on May ). While, in peak time of winter, skiing is very exciting!

Q6: Where did you stay there? Are you recommending others to stay there as well? How much is the cost to stay there

Stockholm- micro hotel.
1 "120/90 - Lower bed 120 cm wide, Upper bed 90 cm wide": Room with bunk beds and shared bathroom.
price: 206.85SEK per person*

Oslo-oslo budget hotel.
4 bed private (double decker) and share bathroom
price: NOK200 per person*

*price fix at that time, may be it will change...

Q7: Any halal restaurant/grocerie s nearby?
Sweden- we can't find any halal shop but there have Muslim community. so it should have somewhere in secret places..hehehehe...
Oslo- there have halal shop in city centre...about 10 minutes by tram from hostel..

Groceries shop is everywhere and it is very easy to excess.

Q8: Interesting places you visited there? You can also state other places that you admire but you dont have enough time to go there. You can also state the chronology of you trip.

(Credit to Raihana for this trip tentative)

1st day
12.55 pm Dublin --> Skavsta Airport, Stockholm
4.35 pm Arrive at Skavsta Airport
6.00 pm Train to Stockholm city
7.30 pm Arrive at the city, head to hostel by walking, hostel check in, dinner
onwards Sightseeing around the city

2nd day
7.30 am Djugarden
1.00 pm Lunch
Gamla Stan
Onwards Dinner & sightseeing around the city

3rd day
7.30 am Drottningholm Palace
Sightseeing around the Palace: the garden, Kine Slott etc.
1.00 pm Lunch & head to the city
City Hall
Shopping *yeay!*
9.00 pm Head to the bus station
10.30 pm To Oslo, Norway

4th day
6.00 am Arrive at Oslo Gallerian
Head to the hostel
Island hopping (Vippetangen-> Hovedoya -> Lindoya Vest -> Vippetangen) by ferry, Lunch at any of the island
Akershus Castle
Nobel Peace Center
National Gallery

5th day
7.30 am Vigilent Sculpture
Lunch & Shopping
2.00 pm Head to the airport by train (1 1/2 hours)
7.30 pm Torp Airport -> Dublin

Q9: Any advice on the transportation there? Rambler ticket etc.
Sweden- rambler/travel card only, most of the places in walking distance. Stockholm pass link.

Oslo- OsLo pass

Q10: Any other recommendation/ issue to share?

Link to buy ticket from Stockholm to Oslo by bus

Link to buy ticket from Stockholm to Oslo by train

Link for Fjord tour in Oslo

Link for Places to visit in Stockholm

Cruise to Denmark from Oslo

Enjoy your trip to Scandinavian!!!


Topic: Q&A about trip to Sweden & Norway

Date: 16/04/2010

By: Raihana

Subject: Oslo Pass

Instead visiting Oslo, try to visit the countryside of Norway by train. The scenery is breathtaking and beautiful. To avoid spending so much on the train ticket which is mostly expensive, I suggest you to take Eurail pass. you can travel all over the country unlimitedly with the pass. Find more info by clicking the following link:

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