By: Nadzri & Ana

Q1: Do you like your vacation there?

Q2: Do you recommend other people to visit there in future?
Highly recommend

Q3: How long was your trip?
2 Day 1 night (more than enough)

Q4: Which flight did you used?
Ryanair. 60euro return. Barajas airport is jusr near to the city, plus just eu2 ticket each to the city centre. Duration from Airport-city centre +-15-20 mins. Very efficient but just a bit busy.

Q5: When did you go there? What would you recommend the perfect time to visit?
Spring- Summer would be better + weekend because there are sales at Mayor Plaza

Q6: Where did you stay there? Are you recommending others to stay there as well? How much is the cost to stay there
We stay around Calle Sordano, north side (easy to cover north area), but if you want faster access, better to stay around Sol. It is the tourist attraction area (originally we book there, but the hotel transfer us to new hotel) The accomodation is cheap, cost us eu30 for 1 night for a couple.

Q7: Any halal restaurant/groceries nearby?
Hardly to find. But there are vege restaurant, only that you have to be familiar with the words

Q8: Interesting places you visited there? You can also state other places that you admire but you dont have enough time to go there. You can also state the chronology of you trip.
Plalacio Real, big and attractive>>Templo de Dobod (night tour)>> Sol>>Mayor Plaza>museo del prado>puerta de acala(nice night view)>> estadio santiago bernebeu

Q9: Any advice on the transportation there? Rambler ticket etc.
No problem. It's very cheap. Can just use cash.

Q10: Any other recommendation/ issue to share?

Local people have bad English, so you need to know spanish a bit. A lot of big dogs here and be careful when you are at the park because they release their dog especially when you bring a baby. Driving is not recommended because of the busy traffic. The Metro look alike Underground at London, so better you walk for sightseeing. Overall, the city is not so clean, a lot of high building, a lot of shopping area near passeo de castallena. Fyi, madrid rank at no 17 in top city in the world  and no 6 or 7 in europe. So, i highly recommended you to visit Madrid.

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Bagi sesiapa yang rindukan kepanasan matahari seperti di Malaysia, raasanya Madrid ni la tempat paling sesuai especially time summer nnt.

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